Euronews Joins List of Official Media Partners for Classic Violin International Competition

9 October 2023

As the launch of the Classic Violin International Competition moves ever closer, more and more organisations are pledging their support to what looks to be one of the most revolutionary events to enter the world of strings in years.

The latest entry in this list is Euronews, one of the leading television news networks across Europe, who shall be coming on board as one of the competition’s official media partners, thereby helping to bring the events in Dubai to the screens of millions of viewers all throughout the continent and beyond.

For the duration of the contest, Euronews will be creating a special live series entirely focused on Classic Violin Olympus, which will be led by one of the top teams from their CULT department who shall be present in the UAE for this project. The series will include a filming crew and presenters who will be putting together several clips that will be published on the Euronews website as well as broadcast on their media channels. Featuring many of the major stakeholders that will be on location in the UAE, this series will allow cultural lovers all over the world to get a thorough glimpse into the inner workings of the competition, and the day-by-day blows as each round passes by.

Moreover, Euronews will not just be present for the Grand Final alone, but shall also be expanding its coverage to encapsulate each of the six pre-selection stages, crafting various articles and reports detailing the latest updates and results at each phase.

In all this, the European broadcaster shall be joining and The Violin Channel, as well as dozens of other media platforms and organisations from across the Middle East, Europe and beyond. More information about these partners and all aspects of Classic Violin Olympus is set to be released soon, so be sure to follow the official website to keep yourself updated with all the latest developments.

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