Announced as Official Media Partner for Classic Violin Olympus

8 October 2023, the world’s leading classical music channel and premier resource for classical music programming has just been confirmed as one of the official media partners for the inaugural edition of the Classic Violin Olympus International Competition.

Marking one of the biggest new events to enter the world of strings, Classic Violin Olympus is a groundbreaking endeavour that promises to revolutionise music competitions. The contest already enjoys the support of numerous major media platforms around the world, and has now joined this list, helping to bring all aspects of the competition to the eyes of cultural lovers around the world.

Starting from the earliest stages of the competition, Medici will be broadcasting the full entirety of the pre-selection process to its viewers, and shall also be sending one of their film crews to each of the six preliminary contests. Here, the crews will be creating a short documentary focusing on each event as well as on the two participants from each contest who will be invited to take part in the final stage in Dubai.

At the Grand Finale itself, meanwhile, a film crew from Medici will once again be present on location, with the competition’s penultimate and final rounds set to broadcast live as well. Moreover, one of the organisation’s senior presenters will also be making the trip to Dubai so as to host a series about Classic Violin Olympus itself, incorporating the events on stage, various full-length interviews with participants, jury members and VIPs in attendance, and behind-the-scenes segments offering a glimpse into the proceedings.

Additionally, as part of this series, Medici will be offering viewers a live studio show featuring a variety of esteemed experts within the world of classical music who will be commenting upon and discussing all aspects of the competition in real time. Simultaneously, the Medici team will be filming a number of short documentaries focusing on many of the important stakeholders present in Dubai, including the competitors themselves, members of the jury panel, and the competition’s Composer-in-Residence.

Thanks to all these initiatives, audiences at home will be able to keep up-to-date with all the latest developments at Classic Violin Olympus and experience this pioneering event in real time. Of course, will not be the only media partner present on location in the UAE, with a host of influential platforms from Europe, America and beyond set to be present, so make sure to stay tuned for more announcements to come as we continue to count down to the launch of the most exciting new music competition of our age!

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